Middle East

The Middle East has its own unique aura. Though it may have developed light years from the time of Bedouins, the culture still prevails and makes for some fantastic tourism options. We have filtered them down to provide you with packages that are the quintessential experience of the Middle Eastern World.Take for example our tour of Dubai. Along with the sights that this magnificent city has to offer you, you will also be able to enjoy shopping here to the hilt. A four-day tour that includes the city, the Gold Souk and even the Spice Market are highlights. Visit a Bedouin camp and take a 4X4 ride over the sand dunes. Enjoy some of the local culinary delights and spend every free minute shopping to your heart’s content.
The significance of the Holy Land is not lost on many. Here is an 8-day tour that will allow you to come close to the birth place of Christ and experience it to the fullest. Spend time at the Jordon Valley and float in the Dead Sea. Visit every important place in the life of Christ – from Galilee Sea to Capernaum to the River Jordon. Add to this a visit to Cairo and see the mystic looking Sphinx and Pyramids and you have a trip that is memorable.We also have a Jordan tour that takes you through Jerash, an ancient Roman City. You will stop over at one of the ancient wonders of the world – Petra. You will also visit the gorges of Wadi Rum and go diving in Aqaba.

    Holy land with Petra[ 9days 8 nights ]



    Jordon[ 8 days and 7 nights ]

    Explore the beauty of Jordon which brings together modern day as well as historic splendor. From the remains of ancient Roman cities, to the Dead Sea and to sleeping under the stars, ....


    Jordon-Israel-Egypt[ 8 days and 7nights ]

    An 8-day journey that will have you reliving the world of Christ. Visit his place of birth, ministry and walk in the footsteps of his final journey. Add to this the mystery surrounding the Pyramids and the ....


    Dubai[ 4 days and 3 nights ]

    A quintessential tour of Dubai, which includes all the main sights and experiences. Of course, the trip will also give you ample time to indulge in the one thing that Dubai is famous for – shopping.